Minn Qiegħ Multa Tagħna

Sempliċiment tat-Triq stand true to their name and produce an abrasive, vitriolic style that challenges middle-class sensibilities. Scrap that, pisses on them more like.  The look, the lyrics, the ethos, they all point towards a ‘Fuck You’ attitude. Is it all talk? PATRON caught up with ŻDONG and Ħaxxaxxin to figure out what makes them tick. But wait, that’s not all the crew, is it? “There is no exact number, anyone can be in the crew.” It’s all rather vague… “Like I said,” says Ħaxxaxxin, “anyone can be in it, you just have to be real to yourself and to the crew. Live what you preach.”

STT has been around for about 2 years, with a mixtape in 2011 entitled Wisq Żibel and another in 2012, Ħorrox Borrox. Recognition, however, is a more recent phenomenon, with Iswed Tnejn Zokkor being nominated for best local hip hop track of last year. Their reaction to this was practical indifference. “We don’t believe in media like we don’t believe in politicians.”


They decided to rap exclusively in Maltese from the very beginning. This has brought them praise from unexpected quarters: “There were people in the crowd [at a concert in France] of Arabic descent that understood each word we said,” says Ħaxxaxxin. “It was a great experience and we are proud that we’ve been invited to play again not only in France, but also in Norway and at an international hip hop festival.”

STT are no strangers to playing in conditions alien to Malta, touring extensively abroad, primarily in squats, calling their atmosphere “an ideal one”. ŻDONG elaborates further: “The mentality of people here is too manipulated by politics and religion, so it’s quite hard to find people who know and understand the idea of what a squat is. We see and talk about many issues regarding the workings of the new world order in Malta but it seems like few people even want to know about it. There’s too much materialism to see what’s really going on.”

When PATRON asked for their opinion on the censorship issue kicked up a few years ago, their answer was typically biting. “The actions of people in power are always worse than whatever is going to be censored, so censorship is a mickey-mouse issue for us. We say what we have to say in the way we want to say it no matter what. We talk about reality, what we see, what’s good and bad. We always speak the truth.”

And so they do, even when their truth stands in stark contrast to that held by almost everyone else. Kamra Numru 24 is a prison song, and they don’t shy back from answering for it. “We speak it we live it. We live it we speak it. The prison system is created by man so it’s never helpful. No one is god, to judge and say who deserves what. We’re all human. We all make mistakes. Everyone should go to prison or no one should go to prison. In reality, prison should be abolished.”

Their last words are equal measure encouragement and warning: “Believe in yourselves. All that shines is not gold – lies are more credible than the truth. Peace.”

Get more of their message at www.youtube.com/user/ZDONGTV

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